This is a guide to the itinerary, the nature of trans-continental journeys means that things can, and will change, it is all part of the adventure!


Starting your South America overland tour in Quito you will cross the equator on your way to the town of Otavalo famous for its colourful craft market. Heading east on narrow, tortuous roads you will reach the the steamy edge of the Amazon basin and your gateway into the Amazon jungle. Here accompanied by experienced guides, you will explore this exotic environment on foot.

Further south, perched high in the mountains of Ecuador, lies the outdoors mecca of Banos. This spa town, where Ecuadorians go to relax in the thermal baths, is ideal to hike or mountain bike the various trails to one of the surrounding waterfalls or the impressive nearby rocky canyon, and it is a favourite destination amongst those who have travelled through South America. From Banos you hit the road again and drive south along the spine of the Andes towards Peru visiting Cuenca on the way.

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