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This 31-week expedition which starts and finishes in Quito (Ecuador) is operated by Oasis Overland.

A truly epic exploratory overland expedition that takes you full circle through eleven countries all the way around South America!  This is a truly unique adventure, that takes on the dense rainforest, dry deserts, high alitplano, pristine coastline and many of Latin America’s most vibrant and dynamic cities.  Get into the heart of and up close to South America, experiencing all the flavours, curiosities and contradictions of this incredible continent.

Trans South America overland tour map


Is this trip for me?

Exploratory – the section through Guyana, French Guiana & Suriname is exploratory for 2017, so you need to have a flexible approach to the itinerary through these countries, and get ready for some ground-breaking adventures!

Accommodation – this trip is about 50% camping, so you would want to be fairly confident that you will be able to adapt to camping, or bring extra money to upgrade where possible!

Weather – on a 7-month trip like this you can expect the weather to be variable. This trip is timed to run through Patagonia in the warmer months, however it can still be cold especially at night or if a storm comes through.

Activity Level – South America is a hiker’s paradise, so if you are keen on day hikes or multi-day hikes, South America will be a fantastic destination for you, and this trip offers you the chance to go hiking in some fairly off-the-beaten track places such as Venezuela.

Nature vs Culture – South America has a huge amount to offer in terms of nature (including wildlife) and culture, so there is something for everyone!

Activities – This trip has a huge number of included activities which is great news if you are the type of person who wants to get fully immersed in every activity available along the way.

Language – In South America you will need to be able to speak a little bit of Spanish in order to enjoy your travels (and a bit of Portuguese in Brazil doesn’t hurt either!).  You don’t need to be fluent but a few key phrases will make life a lot easier for you!

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