Overview & Map

This 88-day expedition between Lima, Peru and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is available in either direction and is operated by Oasis Overland.

Lima to Rio de Janeiro overland tour map

Travelling via Peru, Bolivia, Chile & Argentina (including Patagonia) and Brazil this expedition gives you the chance to discover the real South America.  From the fascinating history of Peru through the stunning scenery of Bolivia, the wonderful Patagonia region with its glaciers, lakes and volcanoes, and the Pantanal wetlands and Iguazu Falls in Brazil, this trip offers a huge amount.  Rio de Janeiro is a city that knows how to party, and depending on your departure you may wish to join in the Carnival or New Years’ celebrations, see the Dates & Prices for more information.

Is this trip for me?

Accommodation – this trip is about 50% camping, so you would want to be fairly confident that you will be able to adapt to camping, or bring extra money to upgrade where possible!

Weather – the weather will be a little dependent upon which departure and direction you plan to travel in. Most departures are scheduled to travel through Patagonia in the warmer summer months, however it can still be cold especially at night or if a storm comes through. The July departure from Lima to Rio in 2017 is an exploratory expedition and will be travelling through Patagonia and the high Andes at a much colder time of year, this may mean there are some alterations to the route required, however it will also be a unique time to explore these stunning destinations!

Activity Level – South America is a hiker’s paradise, so if you are keen on day hikes or multi-day hikes, South America will be a fantastic destination for you. There are also plenty of adventure activities available to get the adrenalin flowing including rafting, hanggliding, mountain biking and more.

Nature vs Culture – South America has a huge amount to offer in terms of nature (including wildlife) and culture, so there is something for everyone!

Language – In South America you will need to be able to speak a little bit of Spanish in order to enjoy your travels.  You don’t need to be fluent but a few key phrases will make life a lot easier for you!

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