DAYS 35 – 37: ALASKA

Crossing over the Yukon River on a short ferry ride you will then drive the “Top of the World Highway”. As you make your way to the town of Tok, there are many remnants of old mining sites throughout these wooded areas. As you reach the highway’s apex, Poker Creek border crossing awaits you. This is the most northerly land border in the USA, and it is an experience that few have had the pleasure of! Then it’s down the hill to Chicken, Alaska. Chicken, Alaska?? Why would they call it that? You’ll just have to visit to find out!

The next day a beautiful drive surrounded by the Wrangell and Chugach Mountains and the Matanuska Glacier will take you to Anchorage where you will stay for three nights. Anchorage is a lively city that houses almost 50% of Alaska’s population of 730,000. Although it is the most populous city in Alaska, it isn’t the capital (that would be Juneau). Throughout the summer there are multiple festivals and nightly live music, and there is plenty to do in Anchorage including city tours, museums, the Coastal Trail bike ride, hiking Flattop Mountain and much more! This is a city unlike most others, it is located right in the heart of the wilderness, and over 1,000 moose, 250 black bears and 100 grizzly bears also call the city their home!  It is well worth adding a few days to explore this fascinating city, which is also a great base for further exploration of Alaska if time allows.

Anchorage city skyline, Alaska

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