Leaving Bhutan behind you will return briefly to India for two nights before your journey continues to Nepal.  For this brief visit the India the intention is to wild camp near Jaigaon on the first night, and near Siliguri on the second night.

From India you will cross the border into Nepal and head towards Chitwan National Park, with a wild camp en route in the Himalayan foothills, probably near the town of Barhara.

During your time in Chitwan National Park you will make a visit to Bis Hajaar Tal, also known as 20,000 Lakes, which is a wetland area near the Royal Chitwan National Park. Here you will get the opportunity to see peacocks, wild boars, deer and there is also a slim chance of seeing tigers and rhinos.

You will also spend a day exploring the National Park by canoe and on foot, and there is an option to take a jeep safari.  There will also be an opportunity to see a traditional Nepali dance demonstration in the evening.

Note that as some group members will be joining the tour in Kathmandu, you will have two nights in Chitwan National Park before travelling to Kathmandu, and then you will have another two nights in Chitwan after you leave Kathmandu (to give the new group members the chance to explore the park), so you will have plenty of opportunity to spot the park’s unique wildlife.

From Chitwan you will drive through spectacular scenery on the route uphill to the evocative city of Kathmandu. Traffic in Nepal’s bustling capital is notoriously unpredictable, but you should arrive into the city by mid-afternoon.

You will have the afternoon and the following day free to explore the fascinating city of Kathmandu.

From Kathmandu you will return to Chitwan National Park for another two nights before your overland tour travels back across the border into India.

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