Travelling through Togo and Benin doesn’t take long as they are only 50 miles wide. Voodoo is the main religion here, basing its beliefs in the power of the dead. You can visit an interesting fetish market as well as some good African restaurants in Lome the capital of Togo where you will be applying for some further visas for our onward travel.

In Benin you can take local canoes out to Ganvie village – built on bamboo stilts on Lake Nakoue.

Next you will enter Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country with well over 100 million people. The pace of life here tends to be more hectic than you have become used to on your overland adventure, full of hustle and bustle. You will have the opportunity to visit a Drill Monkey and Chimpanzee rehabilitation centre. A project dedicated to rehabilitating and breeding drills to be released back into the wild. Drills are a primate closely related to baboons and mandrills.

Endangered Drill Monkeys, Nigeria

After your time in Nigeria you will be moving through mountainous and lush jungle toward Cameroon. Along this leg of the Trans Africa overland trip you may encounter some of the most challenging road conditions and situations on the whole of the route. Team work will definitely be needed to tackle what may lay ahead – from clearing paths through water logged pot holes the size of the truck to only travelling a couple of miles in a day over wet and unkempt mud roads. These are some of the best memories you will take away with you!

Arriving at the foothills of Mount Cameroon, you spend a few days camping near Limbe and 6 Mile Beach – where you can choose to trek up Mount Cameroon, visit a chimpanzee orphanage or relax on the beach.  After chilling out on the beach, or if you were brave enough to tackle the mountain, you head inland to the capital city of Yaounde, where you may be applying for several visas for upcoming countries. You can sample fresh bread and amazing pastries from the countless bakeries, admire the roadside fresh flower stalls, or stock up on some supermarket treats! Bursting with art galleries, museums and various markets, this is an ideal place to restock your snack store and prepare for the demands of central Africa.

When you depart city life (and the tar seal!) you will travel south on the more rugged roads! You will be driving through lush jungle scenery, passing the occasional waterfall, before you eventually reach the lively market town of Ambam. Here you will be replenishing your food supplies before crossing the Ntem River into Gabon, a country that consists mostly of tropical rain forest.

Your next stop is the beautiful Lope National Park, home to a population of elephants, buffalo and the famous central Africa drill monkeys. After a safari through the savanna lands, you will continue south along dirt and mud roads toward the Republic of Congo

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