DAYS 253 – 259: SUDAN

The hospitality in Sudan can be surprising – but very genuine. For such a poor country with so many recent problems – Sudanese people are often too willing to invite you for a meal or a cup of ‘Sudanese whisky’ – better known as tea!

After stopping at Gedaref & Wadi Medani.,Khartoum will be your next stop and it has a fantastic setting on the confluence of the Blue and White Niles. Your stay here is on the banks of the Nile at the quirky but interesting Blue Nile Sailing Club. It houses one of General Kitchener’s old Gunboats, a relic from the British military campaign against the Mahdi over a century ago. For such a large city, Khartoum feels quite laid back. Here you can visit the Hamed al Nil Tomb or take a trip to the daily camel market or viewing the confluence of the two Niles are also an interesting ways to pass the time.

The ancient Pyramids at Meroe lie to the north of the capital Khartoum. Your drive across the Nubian Desert will see you either hugging the banks of Nile as it snakes its way north or possibly experiencing the vast open desert plains which is dissected by the main train line from Khartoum, making it your only real point of reference. Whether passing through sleepy Nubian villages, resting in tea rooms, pottering around the local souqs or experiencing total isolation in the middle of the desert, a unique experience awaits you along this not-so-travelled route to Wadi Halfa.

Pyramids at Meroe, Sudan

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