Heading north via Harare, you cross the border into Mozambique and follow the infamous ‘Tete Corridor’ which was well known in the days of Mozambique’s long running civil war as the ‘Gun Run’. Thankfully these days things are a lot different! Your overland tour then continues on to the Maputo, the country’s capital, where you stop for two nights, giving you the opportunity to post gifts home, play a round of golf or check out the local markets.

Passing through lush mountainous landscape and plantations you will soon be following the coast of Lake Malawi, the country’s most dominant natural feature. Camping in Malawi sums up the spirit of your Africa overland trip. You spend 4 to 5 days at friendly laid back campsites where most people choose to relax on the sandy beaches or try their hand at scuba diving, snorkelling or windsurfing as you follow the lakeshore north. If you are more inclined to just relax, then there is no better place than on the shores of Lake Malawi.

Camp on the shores of Lake Malawi

This really is a warm friendly country, making it easy to wander off and meet up with your local hosts in one of the many villages or schools nearby. You can view first hand the talent of the local artisans and purchase some exquisite pieces of furniture and carvings out of ebony and mahogany.

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