Departing Kinshasa, you will make your way over the Congo River (also referred to locally as the brown snake) by ferry and into the Republic of Congo – also known as ROC or Brazzaville Congo. Where you cross the river will depend on the ferry, a barge for your overland vehicle, and weather conditions that can affect the height of the river.

Once across the river and into Congo, you will jostle amongst the many locals, cars, bikes and trucks as you follow the river to Brazzaville, the bustling capital of Congo. Kinshasa is only just across the river yet the 2 cities feel very different. Many restaurants and bars line the shorelines of the river along the cornice which are well worth a visit. Brazzaville’s most famous landmark is Basilique de St Anna which is a unique looking church. The Grand Mosque and Cultural centre are also worth strolling to in your free time, before you make your way north.

Leaving Brazzaville behind you travel north towards the equator. In Congo the only tar seal road leads from Brazzaville to the President’s farm in the north of the country. While the first section of road makes for a fast run out of Brazzaville, the further you travel from the equator the more the roads deteriorate and you leave the sealed roads behind us once more.

As you travel to the north of Congo and southern Cameroon there is a change in the terrain, culture and villages as we pass through rainforests and wetlands home to the Baka people (Baka Pygmies).

Once in Cameroon you continue to follow the unpaved roads and tracks on your way inland to the capital city of Yaounde. Here you can sample fresh bread and the delicious pastries from the countless bakeries, admire the roadside fresh flower stalls, or stock up on some supermarket treats! Bursting with art galleries, museums and various markets, this is an ideal place to spend a few days.

After indulging in many treats that we have not seen in a long time, you will travel to the last destination on your incredible overland expedition arriving at the foothills of Mount Cameroon and the village of Buea, built on the side of Mount Cameroon. You will spend a few days based in this laid back friendly town where treks can be arranged to West Africa’s highest peak.

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