• Mount Kilimanjaro – option to climb Africa’s largest mountain before departure
  • Arusha – our base for the next few days before starting our adventure
  • Maasai Village walk – an option from our campsite in Arusha
  • Serengeti National Park – continue on to see lion, cheetah & leopard, wildebeest, giraffe, and elephant, along with various species of gazelle and antelope
  • Lake Victoria – second largest freshwater lake in the world
  • Lake Tanganyika – longest fresh water lake in the world
  • Gombe Stream National Park – home to Chimpanzees


  • Kapishya Hot Springs
  • Kalambo Falls (dependant on road conditions)
  • Cosmopolitan city of Lusaka

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

  • Hectic cities with vibrant nightlife & bars of Lubumbashi and Kinshasa
  • Travel through some of the densest jungles, toughest terrains and some of the most challenging roads we will encounter on the entire trip.
  • Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary (time permitting) – home to Bonobos and other primates
  • Crossing the mighty Congo River
  • Congo
  • Bustling city of Brazzaville
  • Travel the remote northern Congo border through rainforests to Cameroon


  • Yaounde – our last city on this epic journey
  • Buea – climb Mt Cameroon or relax on the beach at Limbe

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