DAYS 19 – 27: SUDAN

Taking an early transport ferry across to the east side of Lake Nasser you will then head across the border into Sudan where you will meet your local facilitator who will accompany you in Sudan.  You will then drive a short distance to the dusty northern Sudanese frontier town of Wadi Halfa where you will spend the night.

Over the next two days you will journey north through the remote areas of Northern Sudan and the vast Sahara Desert. En route you will visit many ruined temples of the Kushite era, including the Nuri pyramids and the pyramids at Jebel Barkal mountain near the town of Karima, the Temple of Deffufa near Dongola, and the Temple of Soleb near Wawa. All of these nights you will wild camp out in the remote deserts, which is the true highlight of travelling overland through Sudan!

Continuing your overland tour south through Sudan you will visit the incredible and haunting Meroe pyramids of the Kushite era.

Pyramids at Meroe, Sudan

You will then continue further south to visit the Kushite ruins at the sites of Naqa and Musawwarat.  The site is one of the largest in the country and 2 of the largest temples here are still very well preserved.

Your next stop in Sudan will be the country’s capital, Khartoum.

Khartoum is a great place to explore. The city is really two cities: the colonial city of the British and General Gordon on one side of the river, and the sprawling settlements of Omdurman on the other. Here you find one of Africa’s most interesting markets where for the souvenir hunters you can get some excellent Beja Ben Amer tribal swords. These tribal people are easy to spot. Very tall and distinguished-looking, with the telltale hair and traditional swords slung over the shoulder. Their ancestors played a major role in the Dervish uprisings in the 19th Century at the battle of Omdurman. The best place to find out more about this period of Sudanese history is in the Khalifa Museum in Omdurman, near the Mahdi’s tomb.

From Khartoum you will drive to the small town of Gedaref, enroute to the Ethiopian border.

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