Fantastic food markets in Malawi

The jewel of Malawi is Lake Malawi which covers almost a fifth of the country. The lake provides a source of livelihood for many of the Malawian people. Fishermen, fish traders, canoe and net makers all ply their trade, and a common sight is that of a fisherman in his bwato (dugout canoe made from a hollowed out tree trunk), fishing on the still lake at the break of day.

You will travel from Lilongwe to Kande Beach on the western shore of Lake Malawi, here you will have a free day to relax or get involved in some of the activities available including watersports on the lake, horse riding through the forests and on the beaches and village walks to see a little bit of the life of the local Tonga people.

Continuing your drive north along the coast of Lake Malawi you will arrive in Chitimba, and here depending on arrival time you may have a chance for a short village walk or woodcarving lesson.

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