DAYS 25 – 31: ZAMBIA

It is only a short drive across the border into Zambia where you will head to the town of Livingstone, on the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls.  Then leaving the falls behind, you will drive across southern Zambia to your campsite on the banks of the Lower Zambezi. Here you will meet your guides who will take you on your 2-day / 2-night canoeing expedition on the Lower Zambezi which is a fantastic way to see the river, scenery and some of the wildlife in the area.

Beyond Kariba Gorge, the Zambezi River flows through a wide and game-rich floodplain hemmed in by towering escarpments in both Zimbabwe and Zambia. The shoreline in Zambia has private conservancy areas, game management areas and the relatively unexplored Lower Zambezi National Park. This region is heavily populated by hippos and crocodiles – it’s also renowned as a birder’s paradise with over 300 species having been recorded and is favoured by sports fishermen in search of the famous Tiger Fish.

Returning to the truck after your second island wild camp, you will continue your journey to the bridge over the River Luangwa. You will then head into the wonderful South Luangwa National Park. While in the park you will have an included early morning game drive and an included evening game drive, both in open-sided safari vehicles. South Luangwa National Park is a hidden gem on the safari circuit; it is rarely visited due to its remote setting, but has some incredible populations of wildlife and is one of the only parks in Southern Africa that is open for night driving with spotlights when many of the big game is at its most active.

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