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Destination Asia

Follow the Silk Road and travel in the steps of Genghis Khan & Marco Polo on an overland adventure through Central Asia. Immerse yourself in the cultures of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, India & Nepal. Or explore the vibrant cities, ancient ruins and beautiful beaches of South East Asia. Wherever you choose to go, Asia is a fantastic overland travel destination.

Overlanding in Asia
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Destination Africa

Consisting of over 50 countries, it is no surprise that Africa is a diverse travel destination. Wildlife viewing is a huge drawcard of trips in southern and east Africa, while the unique cultures and off-the-beaten track experiences of West Africa are becoming more accessible to overlanders.

Overlanding in Africa
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Destination South America

If pushed, Pete will tell you that after over 20 years on the road, South America is his favourite continent for overlanding. Why? Because it has everything - ancient ruins, great trekking, glaciers, salt pans, unique and fascinating cultures, dense jungle and wide open spaces, beautiful beaches, unique wildlife and vibrant cities. There are so many different routes to choose from in South America, let us help you find your perfect trip!

Overlanding in South America
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Destination Central & North America

Although these destinations are relative newcomers to the overlanding scene, they offer a fantastic range of sights and experiences. The national parks, unique wildlife and spectacular scenery of the USA (including Alaska) and Canada are well worth exploring. In Central America you are rewarded with fascinating ancient Mayan ruins, volcanoes, stunning beaches, great trekking, as well as vibrant cultures.

Overlanding in Central & North America
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