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find your ultimate overland adventure holiday.
Pete & Kirsten Deverson have over 25 years combined experience overlanding around the world.

As founders and owners of Odyssey Overland we have had the privilege of running some of the biggest overland trips in the world in Asia, Africa & South America. Following the arrival of our son in 2015 we decided to focus on bringing together a collection of the best big expeditions on offer. We are passionate about overlanding as a style of travel, and we particularly love big overland tours that give you the chance to immerse yourself in the journey for many months

We are here to help you find your ultimate overland adventure holiday.

So Contact Us to talk about your travel dreams and let us help you make them happen!

Pete & Kirsten Deverson at Everest Base Camp

Pete & Kirsten Deverson at Everest Base Camp, enroute from London to Singapore

We are overland travel specialists.

Experience and advice

We have spent years out there running overland tours, not just sitting behind a desk, so we can give you all the advice you need to get the most out of your overland travel adventure and to help you choose the journey that will be right for you. From where and when to go, which operator would best suit you, to what to pack and things you need to consider before you head off, we are here to answer your questions.


We have the best selection of the BIG overland tours available, giving you the chance to compare trips more easily. We only recommend companies that we respect and who we think will offer you a fantastic overland travel experience. So let us help you find your ultimate overland journey!

Booking through us won’t cost you any more. Operator discounts (such as repeat client discounts or individual trip discounts) also apply to bookings made through us.

What past clients have said about Odyssey Overland

Fantastic trip with a great itinerary and wonderful crew! Highly recommended for those with a sense of humour and a bit of adventurousness! – Gen, South American Explorer 2014-15

Fabulous, super – all the superlatives you can think of. Through Central Asia and South America with them, I have had the BEST times. I cannot speak highly enough of the company or their crews. – Ann, South American Explorer 2013-14 & Kathmandu to Istanbul 2012

We’d never overlanded before we came on this trip. But it really has changed travel for us. Travelling will never be the same! We just had so much fun. Everyday was an adventure and something new. I cannot recommend Odyssey Overland enough. It’s not just another tour group, this is something else! – Tanya & Rich, Kathmandu to Istanbul 2013

The trip exceeded our expectations. Odyssey is a very professional organisation. The owners of the company and our crew for the trip, Pete and Kirsten were very competent, fun to travel with and went out of their way to help us prepare for the trip and help us during the trip. We would not have been able to organise and do a trip like this by ourselves. There was a good mix of organised sightseeing/activities and free time for us to do our own thing. Would not hesitate to recommend Odyssey and we have booked ourselves for the South America Trip in December 2014. – David & Helen, Beijing to Istanbul 2013

The Odyssey Overland journey from Istanbul to Singapore was the best holiday / adventure of my life. The activities undertaken and sights seen were second to none. I relaxed and enjoyed the trip and went from one high to another as the trip unfolded and in the capable hands of the crew throughout. Just Do It. You will never regret it. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime. – Phil, Istanbul to Singapore 2013

My trip with Odyssey was the first time I had been on a group tour, all my previous travels being as an independent traveller, so I was apprehensive about putting my travel plans into the hands of someone else. I have to thank Odyssey for helping me to get to some difficult destinations and the off-road capability of the truck allowed me to see places and have experiences that could never have happened travelling by myself. The Odyssey staff were up to every challenge and handled any difficult situations with composure and good humour. Without Odyssey the Silk Road would probably have remained on my “to do” list. – Reg, Istanbul to Beijing 2013

The Silk Road – a truly wonderful experience. 88 days of new and awesome sights, people, activities – from high mountain monasteries, to the second lowest place on earth. Bush camping, homestays, hotels, villages, towns, museums, hot air ballooning, horseriding, tobogganing – the list goes on. Thank you Pete and Kirsten for this superb Odyssey Exploration and Adventure. – Sandra, Istanbul to Beijing 2013

I wanted a challenge, a life changing experience and Odyssey Overland delivered. A professionally run outfit co-owned by Pete and Kirsten ably assisted by Rogan. Joining them on the 2012 South American Explorer expedition was the best thing I’ve ever done. Local knowledge, attention to detail, respect for the country and environment through which you were travelling were second to none. Starting the trip with unknown companions, engaging in numerous adventures and high octane activities has resulted in friends for life. I can’t recommend Odyssey Overland enough. – Tony, South American Explorer 2012

This was my second trip with Odyssey Overland and it certainly didn’t disappoint. South America is a hugely diverse continent and the sights and experiences I had were unbelievable, all due to the knowledge and experience of the crew, Pete, Kirsten and Rogan. A big thank you for another “trip of a lifetime” experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or travel with Odyssey Overland again. – Ken, South American Explorer 2012 & Cape to Cairo 2010

The Odyssey ethos is all about having outstanding crew and a great itinerary, so whichever trip you are thinking of booking, don’t worry about who you will be sharing this wonderful adventure with or who will be leading you, you will have the time of your life with the best people. Epic trips with an outstanding company. – Robin, South American Explorer 2012 & Cape Town to Cairo 2010 & London to Australia 2009

An adventure that lasts 6 months, memories that will last a lifetime.  Simply awesome! – Ryan, London to Australia 2012

I think this is probably the best thing I’ve ever done.  I’ve had so many brilliant experiences, seen so many beautiful things and made some truly wonderful friends.  I would definitely do another Odyssey trip if the opportunity arose again in the future. – Laura, London to Australia 2012

I would like to say a big THANK YOU for the last 6 months, I have had a great time, seen amazing things and done things I never thought I would do. I don’t want it to end, but… all good things must end or you can’t appreciate them.- Pip, London to Australia 2012

If you’re after exploration and adventure, this is the whole package.  It has been a real privilege to be able to travel overland for six months through countries with spectacular scenery, hospitable people, and where few travellers have gone before.  The crew were outstanding and in my fellow companions I have made some friends for life. Every day was a joy, and I am left with thousands of photographs and many more lifelong memories. This trip should come with a government health warning – because overlanding is addictive and will leave you wanting more! – Lucy, London to Australia 2011

The Odyssey UK to Australia expedition was the best travelling adventure I have ever had. I just wish you guys were around years ago. Its a fantastic trip, you get to see things no package holiday can hope to offer. You meet great local people who also want to talk about the journey and how you got there too. Trying new foods and err new beers is also great fun. Thanks Guys, I hope to be able to do another trip in the future. – Steve, London to Australia 2011

A journey to dream of and then make happen with a bunch of amazing like-minded people. Mountains, deserts, forests and beaches. Small towns, big towns and villages along the way. A smorgasbord of magical scenery, culture and adventure with an excellent company to support us all the way. 20,000km, 134 days, 15 countries and 22 friends to enjoy. Hazel, Cairo to Cape Town 2011 & Istanbul to Beijing 2013

Far more importantly though is to say thanks to you and above all the crew for such an excellent trip. On any journey like this, it’s the standard and dedication of the crew that really make it special. Rogan and San-San(Alison) are the best. A massive thanks to both… Many thanks for one of the best experiences of my life. A dream fulfilled. – Caolan, Cairo to Cape Town 2011

A trip of a lifetime for all ages. You will never experience anything like this again. Only made possible by the crew and staff of Odyssey Overland. – Elaine, London to Australia 2009 & Cape Town to Cairo 2011

Before the trip started I was nervous, asking myself, “what have I let myself in for?”. All of the weird countries on the itinerary looked far away and dangerous, with who knows what lurking in there. Now, looking back on the trip, I find it hard to comprehend that person who felt that way. Every country, bar none, was welcoming and hospitable and honestly, I have felt far safer on this trip than in central London on a Friday night. And remembering all the things we did is scarcely believable! Exploration and Adventure doesn’t cover half of it. It has been an incredible journey, I cannot recommend it highly enough. – Paul, London to Australia 2009

Thank you sooooo much, for all your efforts to make a trip of a lifetime become a reality. Not only did the trip meet my expectations… it exceeded & surpassed all of them! What an honour & privilege it was to be part of the Odyssey Overland Adventure ’08 – unlike anything I have ever experienced while abroad… or likely to experience again. There were so many impressive & surreal experiences from a whole group of amazing countries, cities, villages, people & cultures that we managed to meet and, I still shake my head in disbelief when I say this but, connect with. I am deeply grateful to Pete & Odyssey for these fantastic experiences and when I look back, at the website, at the photos, at the blogs & MOST importantly… at all the friends I’ve made… it will bring back fond & happy memories of my Odyssey Experience. Andrew, London to Australia 2008

Like-minded companions, plenty of personal space and time to explore, comfortable digs, surreal experiences, mind-blowingly beautiful places, gourmet food (also deeply weird food), bizarre happenings, amazing pictures…beaches, mountains, deserts, world-class cities, little farms and sprawling oilfields. Twenty-eight-thousand-plus kilometres of the greatest adventure a girl could have – Monica, London to Australia 2009

Odyssey is a professional yet very friendly company. When embarking on a trip with them, you can rest assured that every little detail has been addressed. All the hard work is taken on by the crew which allows you to thoroughly enjoy your experience to the full, without having to worry at any stage. It’s a lovely way to travel and visit the world! I cannot recommend them highly enough – Alex, London to Australia 2009

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Tim and Cheryl are superhuman. Not only do they go above and beyond but they do it with a smile – Steve, London to Australia 2009

I would do it again in a heartbeat – Denis, London to Australia 2009

For any potential candidates “Don’t hesitate, just do!” Pete and team are the best so just take the leap of faith and go with the best you will never be the same again! Probably the best decision we ever made. The world is so fantastic so why not see it and share with a group of likeminded people under the guidance of the top people. We cannot praise the guys enough not only expert but personable to boot become a member of a select family and let your mind expand beyond the boundaries of mere borders. We will book again and again! Terry and Lesley, London to Australia 2008 & Cape Town to Cairo 2010 & South America 2012

Travelling with Pete on the Silk Route was all about connecting with local communities and terrain… haggling for local produce, braving the meat markets for great cuts, negotiating for firewood to cook the night’s gourmet barbecue. A real master at finding magical off-road campsites as well as local hotspots when you hit the cities. A great way to travel in the footsteps of the great adventurers… fun, freedom to explore, and someone reliable looking after your interests should you ever need it. Marg

Pete ensures that a very clean green footprint is left by his group. He informed us of local customs and requirements beforehand, so that we always felt that we were following local protocols. Peter’s ability to sustain a strong, harmonious climate in the group for months was clearly evident. He has a very positive leadership style and is still amenable to suggestions and ideas from the group. His good-humoured, relaxed style is infectious and his stamina incredible. Ngaire

“It is Pete’s camaraderie that makes travelling with him so special; he has a real sense of teamwork and friendship – not only amongst the members of the expedition, but also with the local communities. Despite Pete’s obvious culinary and mechanical talents, it is his real passion for travel and his love for ‘showing people the amazing’ that shines. He was born to be an overland tour leader! Katie

I absolutely recommend Peter. We found his experience, practical handling of all situations and above all his good humour and patience invaluable on our journey which he lead. I felt that he always had my best interests at heart. For example he worked to meet my health needs at high altitude, which enabled me to continue with the trip. Peter is always well informed and uses local contacts to improve the planned itinerary. Watching locals across Central Asia greet him, it is clear that he is a trusted and valued visitor. John

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